Animated Stroke Order of 竞:

stroke order animation of 竞

Radical:立     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

jìngto compete/to contend/to struggle

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 竞:
to compete
to contend
to struggle
竞买vie for purchase
竞争to compete
竞争产品competitive product
competitor's product
竞争价格competitive price
竞争力competitive strength
竞争和聚合compete and converge
竞争商品rival commodities; competing articles
竞争地带a zone of competition
竞争对手corrival; rival; competitor; opponent
竞争市场a competitive market
竞争性抑制competitive inhibition
竞争性的emulous; emulative
竞争投资a competitive investment
竞争机制competitive mechanism
竞争模式competition model
竞争的competitory; competitive; vying; emulatory; rival
竞价price competition
bid (in an auction)
to compete on price