Animated Stroke Order of 筹:

stroke order animation of 筹

Radical:竹     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

chóuchip (in gambling)/token (for counting)/ticket/to prepare/to plan/to raise (funds)/resource/means

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 筹:
chip (in gambling)
token (for counting)
筹借try to get
筹出to plan out
to prepare
筹划to plan and prepare
筹划不周ill-designed; ill-prepared
筹划周密well-designed; well-prepared
筹办to arrange
to make preparations
筹募to raise funds
to collect money
筹商to discuss (a plan)
to negotiate (an outcome)
筹商对策to discuss what countermeasures to take
to get ready for sth
筹备会议a preparatory meeting; a preliminary meeting
筹备委员会a preparatory committee
筹备工作preparatory work
筹备款preliminary expenditure
筹委会organizing committee
筹展To plan an exhibition.
筹建to prepare to build sth
筹思to ponder a solution
to consider (the best move, how to find a way etc)