Animated Stroke Order of 终:

stroke order animation of 终

Radical:纟     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 终:
终久eventually; in the end; after all
终了cease; omega; finale; expiry; ending; ceasing; ceased; period
终于at last
in the end
终产物end product
终值final value
终傅last rites (Christian ceremony)
终切[Astronomy] egress
终南Zhongnan mountains, near Xi'an
终南山Zhongnan mountain, near Xi'an
also known as Taiyi Mountain
终南快捷方式shortcut to high office; royal road to fame; shortcut to success
终南捷径lit. Mt Zhongnan is a shortcut to a ministerial job (idiom); fig. to take a shortcut to promotion
终场end of a show; full-time; game over; finale
终场锣声the final bell (esp. in sports competition)
终声final (i.e. final consonant or stop of some syllables in Asian phonetics)
终天all day long
all one's life
终天之恨eternal regret
终审final ruling