Animated Stroke Order of 维:

stroke order animation of 维

Radical:纟     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

wéito preserve/to maintain/to hold together/dimension/abbr. for Uighur 維吾爾|维吾尔

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Words with Chinese Character 维:
abbr. for Uighur 維吾爾|维吾尔
维也纳Vienna, capital of Austria
维也纳会议Congress of Vienna
维他命see 維生素|维生素
维修maintenance (of equipment)
to protect and maintain
维修保养maintenance; maintain
维修区maintenance area
维修工maintainer; Web maintenance man; maintenance worker; fettler; maintenance man
维修工程maintenance work
维修手册a service manual
维修良好in good repair
维修费upkeep; cost of upkeep; maintenance expenditure; maintenance costs; maintenance attendance cost
维克多雨果Victor Hugo (1802-1885), French writer
维克托Victor (name)
维吉尔Virgil or Vergilius (70-19 BC), Roman poet and author the Aenid
维吉尼亚Virginia, US state
维吾尔Uighur ethnic group of Xinjiang
维吾尔人Uighur person or people