Animated Stroke Order of 缓:

stroke order animation of 缓

Radical:纟     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

huǎnslow/unhurried/sluggish/gradual/not tense/relaxed/to postpone/to defer/to stall/to stave off/to revive/to recuperate

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 缓:
缓不济急lit. slow no aid to urgent (idiom); slow measures will not address a critical situation
too slow to meet a pressing need
缓兵之计delaying tactics
measures to stave off an attack
缓冲to buffer
缓冲作用cushioning action; buffer action; deadening effect; buffer effect; cushioning effect; buffer function
缓冲剂buffering agent; buffer reagent; buffer
缓冲区buffer; buffer area; buffer zone
缓冲器buffer (computer science)
缓冲国buffer state
缓冲地带buffer zone
缓冲存储器buffer storage; buffer store; elastic store; buffer pool; brevity code; abbreviated code; buffer; buffering memory; buffer memory
缓冲存货buffer stock
缓冲摄像机an isolated camera
缓冲放大器isolation amplifier; buffer amplifier; isolating amplifier; buffer; buffer stage
缓冲文化buffer culture
缓冲液buffer solution
缓减abate; relieve
缓凝剂retarder; retarding agent; inhibiting agent; delay combustion agent; delayed coagulant; set retarder; retarding admixture
缓刑stay of execution
suspended prison sentence