Animated Stroke Order of 缴:

stroke order animation of 缴

Radical:纟     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:

jiǎohand in/hand over

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Words with Chinese Character 缴:
to hand in
to hand over
to seize
缴交to hand in
to hand over
缴付to pay
to hand over (tax payment etc)
缴入盈余paid-in surplus
缴入资本paid-in capital
缴枪to lay down one's arms
to surrender
to disarm
缴枪不杀”surrender and your life will be spared” (idiom)
缴械to disarm
to lay down one's weapons
to surrender
缴款通知a payment notice; a demand note
缴款通知单demand note; paying-in slip
缴清保单 [Insurance] paid-up policy
缴租hand in rent
缴税to pay tax
缴纳to pay (taxes etc)
缴费to pay a fee
缴销to hand in and cancel