Animated Stroke Order of 罚:

stroke order animation of 罚

Radical:罒     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

to punish/to penalize

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 罚:
to punish
to penalize
罚一儆百make an example of
罚不当罪punish not in keeping with the crime; punishment does not fit the crime
罚不责众It means a behavior should be punished but is free from punishment because it is done by many people.
罚任意球(in football) a free kick
罚俸to forfeit one's salary
罚出场foul out; temporary exclusion
罚则punitive provision; penalty provision
罚单violation ticket
infringement notice
罚款(impose a) fine
fine (monetary)
罚款条款a penalty clause
罚没fine and confiscation
罚点球[Sports] (of football) a spot kick; a penalty kick
罚球penalty shot
penalty kick (in sports)
罚球区penalty area; penalty zone
罚球点penalty mark; penalty spot; penalty kick mark
罚球线free throw line
罚站to be made to stand still as a punishment
罚站壁角to stand in the corner as punishment