Animated Stroke Order of 罢:

stroke order animation of 罢

Radical:罒     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

to stop/cease/dismiss/suspend/to quit/to finish
ba(final particle, same as 吧)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 罢:
to stop
to cease
to dismiss
罢了a modal particle indicating (that's all, only, nothing much)
罢休to give up
to abandon (a goal etc)
to let sth go
罢免to remove sb from their post
to dismiss
罢免权right of recall; recall
罢兵To stop for a truce.
罢官dismiss from office
罢工a strike
to go on strike
罢工保险strike insurance
罢工者a striker
罢市protest strike by merchants
罢战To have a cease-fire.
罢手to give up
罢教teacher's strike
罢演stop playing
罢笔put down the pen; stop writing
罢职dismiss; remove from office
罢论abandoned idea
罢诉To withdraw a suit.
罢课student's strike