Animated Stroke Order of 置:

stroke order animation of 置

Radical:罒     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

zhìto install/to place/to put

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 置:
to install
to place
to put
置业to buy real estate
置之不理to pay no heed to; to ignore; to brush aside (idiom)
置之不问to pass by without showing interest (idiom)
置之不顾leave; ignore; disregard
置之度外to give no thought to
to have no regard for
to disregard
置之死地to place sb on field of death
to confront with mortal danger
to give sb no way out
置之死地而后生place sb on field of death and he will fight to live (common saying based on Sunzi's Art of War 孫子兵法|孙子兵法); to fight desperately when confronting mortal danger
fig. to find a way out of an impasse
置之脑后to banish from one's thoughts
to ignore
to take no notice
置买to purchase
to buy (usu. real estate)
置于to place
to put (at or in a position)
to be located
置于死地put; kill; doom ... to death
置产buy property
置信to be confident in
to believe
置信区间confidence interval (math.)
置信水平confidence level (math.)
置信系数confidence coefficient (math.)
置信限confidence limit (math.)
置办to purchase
to buy
置喙interfere; intervene