Animated Stroke Order of 翘:

stroke order animation of 翘

Radical:羽     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

qiáooutstanding/to raise
qiàoto stick up/to rise on one end/to tilt

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 翘:
to raise
翘企to look forward eagerly
to long for
翘尾巴to be cocky
翘居群首head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent
翘拇指thumbs up
翘曲to warp
to bend
fig. distorted opinion
翘望to raise one's head and look into the distance
fig. to forward to
to long for
翘材outstanding talent
翘板a see-saw
翘棱to warp
to bend
翘楚to stand out
翘盼to long for
eager for
to be in erection
翘翘板a see-saw
also written 蹺蹺板|跷跷板
consonants zh, ch, sh, r produced on the back of the tongue
翘课to skip school
to cut class
翘起to stick up
to point sth up
翘起的turnup; tilted
翘足lit. on tiptoes
to look forward eagerly
to long for
翘足引领waiting expectantly on tiptoes (idiom); to look forward eagerly
to long for