Animated Stroke Order of 翻:

stroke order animation of 翻

Radical:羽     Strokes:18

Pinyin & Definition:

fānto turn over/to flip over/to overturn/to translate/to decode

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 翻:
to turn over
to flip over
to overturn
翻个儿turn over
翻云覆雨to produce clouds and rain with a turn of the hand (idiom); fig. to shift one's ground
tricksy and inconstant
翻作to compose
to write words to a tune
翻供to retract testimony
to withdraw a confession
翻修to rebuild (house or road)
to overhaul
翻倒to overturn
to overthrow
to capsize
翻刻To carve a new plate according to the original version.
翻动turn over (one's hand)
to reissue
to publish a new edition
翻卷to spin
to whirl around
翻唱cover song
to cover a song
翻嘴to withdraw a remark
to quarrel
翻地to turn the soil
翻场turn over the grain on the threshing ground
翻墙lit. to climb over the wall
fig. to breach the Great Firewall of China
翻天overturn the heavens; shake the sky