Animated Stroke Order of 耍:

stroke order animation of 耍

Radical:而     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

shuǎto play with/to juggle

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 耍:
to play with
to juggle
耍人poke fun at someone
耍嘴皮to show off with clever talk
a smart-ass
耍嘴皮子to play with lips (idiom); to talk glibly
to boast
to pay lip service
耍坛子urn juggling
耍威风be overbearing; throw one's weight about
耍子to play
to have fun
耍小聪明play petty tricks
耍弄to play with
to engage in
to resort to
耍得团团转to fool
to dupe
耍心眼儿exercise one's wits for personal gain; be calculating; pull a smart trick; too calculating
耍态度lose one's temper; get into a huff
耍手腕to play tricks; to maneuver
耍手艺make a living as a craftsman
耍扯铃diabolo play; juggling diabolo; twirling diabolo
耍把戏to juggle
耍排场parade one's wealth; go in for ostentation and extravagance
耍无赖act shamelessly; rogue
耍流氓behave like a hooligan