Animated Stroke Order of 聊:

stroke order animation of 聊

Radical:耳     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

liáoto chat/to have a chat/to kill time

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 聊:
to chat
to have a chat
to kill time
聊且for the time being
聊以Used to for the time being.
聊以助兴just for entertainment
聊以卒岁just to tide over the year
聊以塞责be merely to avoid the charge of dereliction of duty; just to meet the bare requirements
聊以自慰just to console oneself (idiom)
聊以解嘲make a feeble attempt to silence jeers
聊叙to speak tentatively
聊城Liaocheng prefecture level city in Shandong
聊城地区Liaocheng prefecture in Shandong
聊城市Liaocheng prefecture level city in Shandong
聊备To prepare for the moment.
聊备一格may serve as a specimen
聊天to chat
to gossip
聊天(儿)室chat room
聊天儿erhua variant of 聊天, to chat
聊天室chat room