Animated Stroke Order of 腾:

stroke order animation of 腾

Radical:月     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

téngto soar/to gallop/to rise/to prance/to hover/to move out

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 腾:
to soar
to gallop
to rise
腾云驾雾feek giddy; speed across the sky
腾冲Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山
腾冲县Tengchong county in Baoshan 保山
腾出to spare
腾挪move; transfer to other use
腾格里沙漠Tengger Desert
腾空to soar
to rise high into the air
腾空球fly ball
腾笑to arouse laughter
腾笑海内to be laughed at in the whole country
腾翻to somersault
腾讯控股有限公司Tencent Holdings Limited (Developers of the QQ instant messaging platform)
腾越to jump over
to vault
to soar over
腾跃buckjump; cavort; prance; curvet; make a curvet; cut a curvet; curvett
腾达rise; make rapid advances in one's career
腾飞lit. to fly upwards swiftly
fig. rapid advance
rapidly developing (situation)