Animated Stroke Order of 膜:

stroke order animation of 膜

Radical:月     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 膜:
膜孔hole in the body of a musical instrument, covered with a membrane which produces a buzzing tone
膜成骨membranous bone
膜拜prostrate; worship; prostration
膜法membrane method; membrane process
膜炎inflammation of membrane
膜片mebrane; iris stop; MEMB; diaphragm; capsule; iris diaphragm; membrane
膜状的membranous; membraniform; membraneous; membranaceous; skinny
膜的membranous; membranaceous; velar; membraneous; thecal; membranate
膜盒sylphon; diaphragm capsule; aneroid; bellows
膜翅目Hymenoptera (insect order including ants and bees)
膜被membrane coat