Animated Stroke Order of 膝:

stroke order animation of 膝

Radical:月     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 膝:
膝上型laptop (computer)
膝上型电脑laptop (computer)
膝上电脑kneetop computer
膝下at the knee (in reference to children)
(salutation used in letters to parents or grandparents)
膝关节knee joint; knuckle; knee; knee-jointed; articulatio genus; stifle joint; knuckle joint
膝关节炎[Medicine] gonitis; gonarthritis
膝内翻gonyectyposis; bandy leg; bow-legas
膝反射knee jerk; kneejerk; knee jerk reflex; patellar reflex; knee reflex; quadriceps reflex
膝垫knee cushion; hassock; knee bolster
膝外翻knock-knee; knock knees; baker leg; gonycrotesis; genu valgum; in knee
膝弯hollow of the knee; back of the knee
膝状的geniculate; genual
膝痒搔背scratch at the itch
膝的genual; genicular
膝盖骨patella; knee cap; kneepan; kneecap; stifle bone; scutum; hip socket; knee-pan; scute
膝腱knee jerk
膝腱反射patellar jerk; knee jerk reflex; patellar tendon reflex; quadriceps reflex