Animated Stroke Order of 膨:

stroke order animation of 膨

Radical:月     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 膨:
膨体纱bulked yarn; texturized yarn; voluminous yarn; bulk yarn; bulky yarns
膨化食品puffed food
膨压[Botany] turgor
膨大intumescentia; oncoides; intumescence; expansion
膨松剂leavening agents
膨胀to expand
to inflate
to swell
膨胀力expansibility; bulging force; expansive power; tension; expansible force; expansive force; swelling power; expansion force
膨胀器an expander
膨胀性dilatability; distensibility; expandability; inverted plasticity; swelling property; dilatancy; dilatant; expansiveness; expansibility; bloating tendency
膨胀性萧条[Economics] stagflation
膨胀曲线a cut-off curve; an expansion curve
膨胀物[Chemistry] dilatant
膨胀的intumescent; ventricular; inflated; inflatable; tumefacient; bulgy; upblown; swoln; dilative; distent; dilatational; expansive; ballooning; blown-up; dilatate; ampliate; dilatant; expansionary; puffy
膨胀系数swell factor; coefficient of expansion; swelling coefficient; expansion factor; expansion efficiency; coefficient of dilatation; expansion ratio; expansivity; dilatation coefficient; expanding coefficient; expansion coefficient; factor of expansion; expansion system
膨胀计dilatometer; expansion gauge; expansimeter; swellmeter; expansion gage