Animated Stroke Order of 致:

stroke order animation of 致

Radical:至     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

zhìfine and close
zhìto send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 致:
致书to send a letter
致仕to retire from a government post (old)
致以to express
to present
to extend
致使to cause
to result in
致候to send one's regards
致免疫的immunogenic; immunizing
致冷循环refrigeration cycle
致冷的frigorific; refrigeratory
致冷装置refrigerating system; chilling unit; refrigeration installation; freezing plant; refrigerator unit; chiller; refrigeration equipment; freezing apparatus; cooler
致函send a letter
致力to work for
to devote one's efforts to
致力于commit oneself to; hammer at; take up with; apply oneself to; bend oneself to; address oneself to; betook; betaken; apply himself to; turn to; apply themselves to; towards; applied themselves to; apply herself to; address himself to; applied herself to; address themselve
致命一击a mortal blow; strike a deadly blow
致命伤death-wound; deathwound; death wound; fatal trauma; death
致命弱点deadly defect
致命性lethality; truculence; fatalness