Animated Stroke Order of 苗:

stroke order animation of 苗

Radical:艹     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

miáosurname Miao/Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China

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Words with Chinese Character 苗:
Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China
surname Miao
苗儿symptom of a trend; suggestion of a new development
苗圃Miao Pu (1977-), PRC actress
苗头symptom; incipient tendency
苗子young successor
苗家A name for the Miao Minority.
苗寨A stockade village where people of the Miao Minority gather.
苗床seed bed
苗情growth of cereal crop seedlings
苗戏A kind of local opera of the Miao Minority, which is popular in the areas inhabited by Miao people in western Hunan province.
苗族Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China
苗期seedling stage
苗木nursery stock; plantlet; seedling; nursery-grown plant
苗条slim, slender, graceful
苗栗Miaoli city and county in northwest Taiwan
苗栗县Miaoli county in northwest Taiwan
苗栗市Miaoli city in northwest Taiwan, capital of Miaoli county
苗绣An embroidery made by women of the Miao-Yao group, Miao Minority.
苗而不秀show great potentialities but fail to fulfil them