Animated Stroke Order of 获:

stroke order animation of 获

Radical:艹     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

huòto catch/to obtain/to capture
huòto reap/to harvest

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 获:
to catch
to obtain
to capture
获假释者a parolee
获准to obtain permission
获刑to be punished
obtain benefits
benefits obtained
获利年度profit-making year
获取to gain
to get
to acquire
获嘉Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡
获嘉县Huojia county in Xinxiang 新鄉|新乡
获大胜to win a landslide victory
获得to obtain
to receive
to get
获得保释[Law] binding over
获得性acquired (i.e. not inborn)
获得性免疫acquired immunity
获得性状acquired character
获得成功get ahead; go places; make a hit; went over; do the trick; go swimmingly; come it; meet with success; have the best of it; get the best of it