Animated Stroke Order of 萧:

stroke order animation of 萧

Radical:艹     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

xiāomournful/desolate/surname Xiao

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 萧:
surname Xiao
萧一山Xiao Yishan (1902-1978), Modern historian of the Qing dynasty
萧万长Vincent C. Siew (1939-), Taiwanese diplomat and Kuomintang politician, prime minister 1997-2000, vice-president from 2008
萧乾Xiao Qian (1910-1999), Mongolian-born, Cambridge-educated journalist active during Second World War in Europe, subsequently famous author and translator
萧伯特 Shaw (George Bernard, 1856-1950, Irish-born writer, considered the most significant British dramatist since Shakespeare. In addition to being a prolific playwright, he was also the most trenchant pamphleteer since the Irish-born satirist Jonathan Swift a
萧伯纳George Bernard Shaw
萧县Xiao county in Suzhou 宿州
萧墙screen wall
萧墙之祸internal strife; trouble arising at home
萧子显Xiao Zixian (487-537), writer and historian of Liang of Southern Dynasties, compiler of History of Qi of the Southern dynasties 南齊書 南齐书
萧山Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市
萧山区Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou city 杭州市
(economic) depression or slump
萧梁Liang of the Southern dynasties (502-557)
萧然desolate; empty
萧瑟to rustle in the air
to rustle
to sough
萧疏desolate; sparse; thinly scattered
萧红Xiao Hong (1911-1942), prominent woman writer, originally from Heilongjiang
萧萧rustle; whistling