Animated Stroke Order of 蓝:

stroke order animation of 蓝

Radical:艹     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

lánblue/cabbage/surname Lan

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 蓝:
surname Lan
蓝光Blu-ray (disc format)
蓝光光盘Blu-ray disk, Sony high definition DVD disk
蓝十字blue cross
蓝印花布blue cloth with design in white
蓝墨水blue ink
蓝天blue sky
蓝天法blue sky laws
蓝屏死机blue screen of death
蓝山Lanshan county in Yongzhou 永州
蓝山县Lanshan county in Yongzhou 永州
蓝巨星blue giant star
蓝星blue star
蓝晶blue topaz
topaz (aluminum fluorosilicate)
蓝晶晶bright blue
蓝晶石cyanite; kyanite; disthene; rhoetzite; sappare
蓝月亮Blue Moon, a hypothetical planet