Animated Stroke Order of 蕴:

stroke order animation of 蕴

Radical:艹     Strokes:15

Pinyin & Definition:

yùnto accumulate/to hold in store/to contain/to gather together/to collect/depth/inner strength/profundity

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 蕴:
to accumulate
to hold in store
to contain
蕴含to contain
to accumulate
蕴和to contain (e.g. poem contains feelings)
contained in
蕴意Contained meaning.
蕴涵to contain
to accumulate
to embrace
蕴结latent (desire, feeling etc)
bottled up
蕴聚to contain
to accumulate
to hold concealed
hidden and not developed
蕴藉temperate and refined
蕴藏to hold in store
to contain (untapped reserves etc)
amount still in store