Animated Stroke Order of 藏:

stroke order animation of 藏

Radical:艹     Strokes:17

Pinyin & Definition:

zàngTibet/Xizang 西藏
cángto conceal/to hide away/to harbor/to store/to collect
zàngstorehouse/depository/cache (computer)/Buddhist or Taoist scripture

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 藏:
Xizang 西藏
藏书to collect books
library collection
藏书者卷标a bookplate
藏人Tibetan (person)
藏传佛教Tibetan Buddhism
藏医Tibetan medicine; traditional Tibetan medicine
藏匿to cover up
to conceal
to go into hiding
藏卵器archegonium; oogonium; archegone
藏历lunar calendar of the Zang nationality
藏品museum piece
collector's item
precious object
藏器待时to conceal one's abilities and wait (idiom); to lie low and await the opportune moment
藏垢纳污to hide dirt, to conceal corruption (idiom); to shelter evil people and accept wrongdoing
aiding and abetting wicked deeds
藏头露尾to hide the head and show the tail (idiom); to give a partial account
藏奸to harbor evil intentions
藏学Tibetology; Tibetan Studies
藏富To not show off one's riches.
藏戏Zang opera
藏拙avoiding doing something that one is clumsy at to save face