Animated Stroke Order of 虞:

stroke order animation of 虞

Radical:虍     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

forewarned/peace/worry/surname Yu

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Words with Chinese Character 虞:
surname Yu
虞世南Yu Shi'nan (558-638), politician of Sui and early Tang periods, poet and calligrapher, one of Four Great Poets of early Tang 唐初四大家
虞喜Chinese astronomer (281-356) famous for determining the precession of the equinoxes
虞城Yucheng county in Shangqiu 商丘
虞城县Yucheng county in Shangqiu 商丘
虞应龙Yu Yinglong, Yuan dynasty scholar, collaborated on the geographical encyclopedia Dayuan Dayi Tongzhi 大元大一統誌|大元大一统志
虞美人corn poppy; Papaver rhoeas L.; Papaver rhoeas
虞舜Yu Shun, one of Five legendary Emperors 五帝