Animated Stroke Order of 蚕:

stroke order animation of 蚕

Radical:虫     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 蚕:
蚕丛Can Cong, legendary creator of silk and sericulture
蚕丝natural silk (secreted by silkworm)
蚕丝细薄绸batiste silk
raising silkworms
蚕匾A device made of bamboo, wood, or reed for raising silkworms in.
蚕卵silkworm eggs
蚕子silkworm eggs
蚕室rearing house; silkworm rearing room; rearing shed
蚕山silkworm nest (bundle of straw etc provided for silkworm to spin their cocoons)
蚕床a rearing shed
蚕月the silkworm season; the third lunar month
蚕桑silkworm and mulberry
蚕沙silkworm guano (excrement)
蚕眠hibernation period of silkworms
蚕眠字handwriting that resembles a hibernating silkworm
蚕种silkworm eggs
蚕箔tray of straw for raising silkworms
fig. sericulture