Animated Stroke Order of 蟹:

stroke order animation of 蟹

Radical:虫     Strokes:19

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 蟹:
蟹壳黄[Dialect] a crisp pastry browned on one side with sweet or salty stuffing and with sesame on the upper crust
蟹爪a crab claw
蟹爪兰holiday cactus
蟹爪式装载机a gathering arm loader
蟹状星云Crab nebula
蟹獴crab-eating mongoose
蟹粉crab meat
蟹粉豆腐minced crab meat & bean curd
蟹肉crab meat
蟹肉竹笋crab meat & bamboo shoots
蟹苗juvenile crab
蟹酱crab paste
蟹钳crab's claws
蟹黄the ovaries, roe and digestive tract of the crab
soft interior of crab as a food delicacy
crab meat
蟹黄水crab roe
crab spawn
(used for crab meat in general)