Animated Stroke Order of 蠕:

stroke order animation of 蠕

Radical:虫     Strokes:20

Pinyin & Definition:

to squirm/to wiggle/to wriggle

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 蠕:
to squirm
to wiggle
to wriggle
蠕动to wiggle
to squirm
peristalsis (wave movement of gut wall)
蠕动的wriggly; vermicular; peristaltic; squirmy; wiggly; vermigrade; enterocinetic
蠕变creep deformation; creep; time yield; timeyield; creeping; micro-creep; creepage; crawling; flowage
蠕形动物soft-bodied organisms
vermes (obsolete taxonomic term)
蠕虫学scolecology; helminthology
蠕虫状helminthoid; vermiform
蠕虫病helminthiasis; helminthic disease; invermination; vermination; verminosis; helminthosis; worm disease
蠕虫病毒worm-type virus
蠕虫的vermiculated; vermicular; vermian; verminal; helminthous; helminthic