Animated Stroke Order of 衍:

stroke order animation of 衍

Radical:行     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

yǎnto spread out/to develop/to overflow/to amplify

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 衍:
to spread out
to develop
to overflow
衍化to evolve (of ideas, designs, constructions etc)
to develop and change
衍变to develop
to evolve
衍圣公hereditary title bestowed on Confucius' descendants
衍圣公府the official residence of Confucius' descendants at Qufu 曲阜, Shandong
衍射光栅diffraction grating; grating
衍射格子diffraction grating (physics)
衍射角angle of diffraction (physics)
衍文redundancy due to misprinting
衍沃之区a rich and fertile region
衍溢四海overflowing to the four seas
衍生to give rise to
to derive
衍生产品derivative product
derivative (in finance)
衍生字[Grammar] derivative
衍生物a derivative (complex product derived from simpler source material)
衍生的descendable; deuterogenic