Animated Stroke Order of 衔:

stroke order animation of 衔

Radical:行     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

xiánhold in mouth
xiánhold in mouth/nominal office

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Words with Chinese Character 衔:
variant of 銜|衔
衔冤nurse a bitter sense of wrong; have a simmering sense of injustice
衔名[Formal] the name of the officer in charge preceded by the full statement of the office
衔命carry out an order
衔尾相随march in single file
衔恨harbour enmity for
衔接to join together
to combine
衔接航班a connecting flight
衔枚have a wooden gag in their mouths to ensure silence
衔铁gag bit; armature iron; armature; bit
衔铁振动armature chatter