Animated Stroke Order of 表:

stroke order animation of 表

Radical:一     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

biǎoexterior surface/family relationship via females/to show (one's opinion)/a model/a table (listing information)/a form/a meter (measuring sth)
biǎoa wrist watch or pocket watch

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 表:
exterior surface
family relationship via females
to show (one's opinion)
表位epitope (in immunology)
antigenic determinant
表侄second cousin
表兄older male cousin via female line
表兄弟male cousins via female line
表册statistical form
book of tables or forms
表决decide by vote
表决指示牌vote indicator
表决机器voting machine; voting apparatus
表决权right to vote
表决程序voting procedure
表决通过to vote sth. through; to approve by voting
表功boast of one's bit of contribution; claim merit for oneself; praise
表单form (document)
表压psig; manometer pressure; super atmospheric pressure; gage pressure
表叔son of grandfather's sister
son of grandmother's brother or sister
father's younger male cousin
表哥older male cousin via female line
表土surface soil
表土剥离topsoil stripping