Animated Stroke Order of 褐:

stroke order animation of 褐

Radical:衤     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

coarse hemp cloth/gray or dark color/Taiwan pr. he2

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 褐:
coarse hemp cloth
gray or dark color
Taiwan pr. he2
褐云母[Mining] anomite
褐土drab soil; cinnamonic soil; brown earth
褐斑病tan disease; brown spot; leaf brown
brown coal
褐熊a brown bear
褐绿色breen; brownish green
褐腐病tan rot; brown rot; brown heart
褐色土drab soil; cinnamon soil
褐色的brown; tawny; taupe; filemot
褐藻brown alga; phaeophyceae; brown seaweed; brown algae; alga
褐铁矿limonite; ferrohydrite; perlimonite; morass ore; morassore; limonitum; ironstone; limontite; brown iron ore; brown hematite
褐雨燕[Zoology] a swift
褐马鸡A precious and protected bird of China which is about one-meter tall, dark brown, black at the top of the head, naked and red around the eyes, and white at the ears, the chin and the upper throat. Also called & #40534; 鸡, 黑雉 and 角鸡.
褐黄斑[Medicine] chloasma