Animated Stroke Order of 视:

stroke order animation of 视

Radical:见     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

shìto look at/to regard/to inspect

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 视:
to look at
to regard
to inspect
视为to view as
to see as
to consider to be
视为心腹to take somebody into one's confidence
视为畏途to view as dangerous (idiom); afraid to do sth
视为知己to consider sb as close friend (idiom); to take into one's confidence
视事assume office
视亮度apparent luminance; apparent brightness; visual acuity
视众TV viewers
视作to regard as
to treat as
视力检定计[Medicine] an optometer
eyesight testing
视力表eye chart (used by optician)
视力计optometer; dioptometer; visuometer; optimeter; opsiometer
视区field of view
视同to regard the same as
to regard as being the same as
视同儿戏to regard sth as a plaything (idiom); to consider unimportant
to view as trifling
视同手足to regard somebody as a brother (idiom)
视同等闲regard as unimportant; treat lightly or casually
视同路人cut somebody dead