Animated Stroke Order of 解:

stroke order animation of 解

Radical:角     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

xièsurname Xie
jiěto divide/to break up/to split/to separate/to dissolve/to solve/to melt/to remove/to untie/to loosen/to open/to emancipate/to explain/to understand/to know/a solution/a dissection
jiètransport under guard

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Words with Chinese Character 解:
surname Xie
解严to lift restrictions (such as curfew or martial law)
解乏to relieve tiredness
to freshen up
解体to break up into components
to disintegrate
to collapse
解元first-placed candidate in the provincial imperial examinations (old)
解免to avoid (difficulties)
to open up a siege
解决to settle (a dispute)
to resolve
to solve
解决争端to settle a dispute
method to settle an issue
解决问题to solve problems
解冻to melt
to thaw
to defrost
解冻季节thaw; thawing season
解剖to dissect (an animal)
to analyze
解剖刀scalpel; dissecting knife
解剖学家dissector; anatomist
解剖学的anatomical; zootomic
解剖室a dissecting room
解剖模型anatomical model