Animated Stroke Order of 言:

stroke order animation of 言

Radical:言     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

yánto speak/to say/talk/word

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Words with Chinese Character 言:
to say
言三语四make irresponsible remarks
言不二价The prices are fixed; no bargaining
言不及义talk nonsense
言不尽意 what I have said or written does not convey all I have on my mind
言不由衷to say sth without meaning it (idiom); to speak tongue in cheek
saying one thing but meaning sth different
言中call the turn
言为心声what the heart thinks the tongue speaks
言之凿凿say with certainly
言之成理sound reasonable
言之无物 devoid of substance
言之有据speak on good grounds
言之有物have substance in speech
言之有理speak in a rational way
言之过早premature to say
言人人殊everyone gives a different version
言传explain in words
言传身教to teach by words and example (idiom)
言出必行to suit the action to the word