Animated Stroke Order of 订:

stroke order animation of 订

Radical:讠     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:

dìngto agree/to conclude/to draw up/to subscribe to (a newspaper etc)/to order

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 订:
to agree
to conclude
to draw up
stapling machine
bookbinding machine
订书钉to staple (paper etc)
订交pledge friendship; establish friendly relations with each other
订亲to contract a marriage
订做家具Contract furniture
订出to map out
to sketch out
to draw up (a plan)
订制custom made
made to order
to have something custom made
订单(purchase) order
订单号order number
订卧铺票to book a berth
订合同make treaty
订婚戒指an engagement ring; a betrothal ring
订定to set
to designate
to stipulate
订座to make reservations for seats
订户subscriber (to a newspaper or periodical)
订房to reserve a room
订房间to make room reservations
订报处the newspapers & magazines subscription counter