Animated Stroke Order of 记:

stroke order animation of 记

Radical:讠     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

to remember/to note/mark/sign/to record

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 记:
to remember
to note
记下mark down; note down; score up; take down; memorize; set down; chalk up; inscribe; put down; made notes of; make notes of; make a minute of
记不住can't remember
记为denoted by
记事to keep a record of events
a record
记事儿begin to remember things
记事册notebook containing a record
paper notepad
laptop computer
记事簿a memo book (recording events)
记仇to hold a grudge
记传history and biography
记住to remember
to bear in mind
to learn by heart
记作to denote
denoted by
记入registry; booking; entering; make an entry in; Posting; empanel; log-in; post; Login; logging; inscription; log-on
记分billiard-marker; keep the score; tally; score; scoring; kept the score; marking
记分册a mark book
记分卡scorecard; score-card; score card
记分员marker; scorekeeper; scorer; target scorer; billiard marker
记分牌scordboard; game board; scoreboard
记功record a merit; merit