Animated Stroke Order of 请:

stroke order animation of 请

Radical:讠     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

qǐngto ask/to invite/please (do sth)/to treat (to a meal etc)/to request

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 请:
to ask
to invite
please (do sth)
请传阅Please sign your initials & pass on.
请便Please do as you wish!
You are welcome to do whatever you like!
Please make yourself at home.
请假to request leave of absence
请假条written request for leave
请先登录please register first
请决定For your approval.
请别见怪please don't be upset
no hard feelings
absit iniuria verbis
请功ask the higher level to record sb's meritorious deeds
请勿Please do not
请勿吸烟No smoking
Please do not smoke
请勿打扰please do not disturb
请君入瓮give somebody a dose of his own medicine
请命plead on sb's behalf
请坐Please take your seat.
2.Please sit down.
请多关照please treat me kindly (conventional greeting)
thank you for looking after me
hello, I'm glad to be here
请多多关照pleased to meet you
请安to pay respects
to wish good health
请客to give a dinner party
to entertain guests
to invite to dinner
请将不如激将lit. to dispatch a general is not as effective as to excite a general
fig. inciting people to action is more effective than dispatching orders