Animated Stroke Order of 贩:

stroke order animation of 贩

Radical:贝     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

fànto deal in/to buy and sell/to trade in/to retail/to peddle

Related Chinese characters:


Words with Chinese Character 贩:
to deal in
to buy and sell
to trade in
贩假fake traffic
贩卖to sell
to peddle
to traffic
贩卖人口trafficking in human beings
贩卖机vending machine
贩售to sell
street vendor
贩夫俗子peddlers and common people
lower class
贩夫走卒lit. peddlers and carriers
common people
lower class
贩婴child trafficking
贩子child trafficking
贩毒to traffic narcotics
drugs trade
opium trade
贩毒者a drug trafficker
贩私to traffic (smuggled goods)
illegal trading
贩运to transport (for sale)
to traffic (in sth)
贩黄sell pornographic products