Animated Stroke Order of 贬:

stroke order animation of 贬

Radical:贝     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

biǎnto diminish/to demote/reduce or devaluate/disparage/censure/depreciate

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Words with Chinese Character 贬:
to diminish
to demote
reduce or devaluate
贬义derogatory sense
negative connotation
贬义词derogatory term
贬价出售to sell at reduced price
2.on sale
贬低to belittle
to disparage
to play down
贬值to become devaluated
to devaluate
to depreciate
贬值通货depreciated currency
贬官To demote.
贬居(period of) banishment or exile (old)
贬抑to belittle
to disparage
to demean
贬损to mock
to disparage
to belittle
贬损的uncomplimentary; derogatory
贬斥to demote
to denounce
贬称A derogatory term.
贬职to demote
贬词derogatory term
expression of censure
贬谪banish from the court
贬责durn; dunny
贬辞Obsolete variant of 贬词.