Animated Stroke Order of 贮:

stroke order animation of 贮

Radical:贝     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

zhùto store/to save/stockpile

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 贮:
to store
to save
贮备to store
贮存to store
to deposit
贮存器storage device (comp.)
贮存管storage container for liquid or gas
gas holder
贮木场lumber yard
贮槽storage vat; receiving chamber; Bunker; storage tank; receiving tank; reserve tank; sump; storage
贮气器air reservoir; air vessel
贮气罐air holder; air chamber; gas holder
贮水池reservior; reservoir; retention basin; storage reservoir; storage pool; water body; collector; water reservoir; basin; body of water; tank; impounded body; impondment lake; cistern
贮热to conserve heat
贮积to store up
贮藏to store up
to hoard
贮藏室repository; store room; storage plant; storeroom; storage room
贮藏库storage; buttery; storehouse; warehouse
贮藏食物storage food
贮运storage and transportation