Animated Stroke Order of 贸:

stroke order animation of 贸

Radical:贝     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 贸:
贸促会China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
贸易(commercial) trade
贸易中心trade center
shopping mall
贸易互惠reciprocity in trade
贸易代表团a trade mission
贸易伙伴trading partner
贸易保护主义trade protectionism
贸易公司trading company
贸易关系trade relations
贸易协定trade agreement
贸易协议a trade agreement; a trade pact
贸易呆滞stagnant in trade
贸易国trading nation
贸易壁垒trade barrier
贸易夥伴variant of 貿易伙伴|贸易伙伴
贸易大国a trading power
贸易差额balance of trade; tradebid; merchandise balance; trade balance; trade gap
贸易往来trade contacts; commercial intercourse
贸易总额total volume of trade