Animated Stroke Order of 跌:

stroke order animation of 跌

Radical:足     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

diēto drop/to fall/to tumble/Taiwan pr. die2

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 跌:
to drop
to fall
to tumble
跌交variant of 跌跤
跌价a price decrease
跌伤to get injured by a fall; to fall and get hurt; to be hurt by a fall
跌倒to tumble
to fall
fig. to suffer a reverse (in politics or business)
跌停板limit down
halt to stock trading to restrict panic fall
downward circuit breaker
跌入fall into
跌到to fall; to tumble; drop to
跌势depreciation tendency
跌坐sit cross-legged in meditation
free and unconstrained
跌宕昭彰flowing (of prose)
跌市falling stock prices
bear market
跌幅decline (in value)
extent of a drop
跌扑to tumble
to stumble and fall
跌打损伤injury such as contusion, sprain or fracture from falling, blow etc
跌断to fall and fracture (a leg, vertebra etc)
跌水drop of height in waterway
staircase of waterfalls
跌眼镜have people drop glasses