Animated Stroke Order of 跟:

stroke order animation of 跟

Radical:足     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

gēnheel/to follow closely/to go with/to marry sb (of woman)/with/towards/as (compared to)/from (different from)/and (in addition to)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 跟:
to follow closely
to go with
跟上to catch up with
to keep pace with
跟不上not able to keep up with
跟人to marry (of woman)
跟前in front of
close to
跟包to work as footman
to do odd jobs
to understudy (an opera actor)
跟单信用证documentary letter of credit
跟单承兑documentary acceptance
跟单汇兑documentary remittance
跟头to trip
to fall down
to tumble
跟头虫wiggler; wriggler
跟屁股to tag along behind
to follow sb closely
跟屁虫lit. bum beetle
sb who tags along
to shadow
跟手To do sth. at one's convenience
跟摄a follow shot
跟查to follow through
跟梢To shadow somebody.
footman (servant)