Animated Stroke Order of 蹑:

stroke order animation of 蹑

Radical:足     Strokes:17

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 蹑:
to walk on tiptoe
to walk quietly
to tread (on)
蹑履to wear shoes
蹑手蹑脚to walk quietly on tiptoe (idiom)
蹑机silk loom with a foot peddle
蹑登to go up
蹑着脚to tiptoe
蹑脚to walk cautiously in order not to make noise
蹑脚根variant of 躡腳跟|蹑脚跟
蹑脚跟to walk cautiously in order not to make noise
蹑足to walk on tiptoe
to step on sb's foot
to join (a trade, profession etc)
蹑足不前move a step forward
蹑足其间to join a trade; to associate with
蹑足潜踪walk stealthily
蹑跟too large or small for the feet (of shoes)
蹑踪to follow along behind sb (formal writing)
蹑蹀to walk with mincing steps