Animated Stroke Order of 蹦:

stroke order animation of 蹦

Radical:足     Strokes:18

Pinyin & Definition:

bèngto jump/to bounce/to hop

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 蹦:
to jump
to bounce
to hop
蹦儿erhua variant of 蹦, to jump
蹦极bungee jumping
蹦极跳bungee jumping
蹦豆儿roasted broad beans
蹦跳to hop
to jump
蹦跶to bounce
to jump
to hop
蹦蹦儿戏local opera of north and northeast China
蹦蹦儿车motor tricycle (onomat. bang-bang car)
蹦蹦跳跳bouncing and vivacious
still bouncy (esp. of old person)
蹦迪disco dancing
to dance at a disco
蹦高to jump
蹦高儿erhua variant of 蹦高, to jump