Animated Stroke Order of 轧:

stroke order animation of 轧

Radical:车     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

to crush together (in a crowd)/to make friends/to check (accounts)
crush/in the first place
zháto roll (steel)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 轧:
to crush together (in a crowd)
to make friends
to check (accounts)
轧件a rolled piece
轧伤to run over and injure
轧光satine; calendering; mangle; Press
轧光机calender; planishing mill; polishing machine; calendering machine
轧制rolling steel
轧场to roll with a stone roller
to thresh grain by rolling
轧机steel rolling mill
轧板机rolling mill; plate mill; mangle
轧染to roll used in dyeing trough
轧染机pressure roller used in dyeing trough
轧棉to gin cotton (separate seeds from fiber)
轧棉厂a ginnery; a ginhouse
轧棉机cotton gin; gin; ginning machine; cottongin
轧死to run over and kill
轧涩难言to be difficult to speak with halting articulation; to stammer
轧碎机breaker; crusher
轧花cotton ginning; ginning
轧花厂a cotton ginning mill; a ginnery
轧花机cotton gin