Animated Stroke Order of 辍:

stroke order animation of 辍

Radical:车     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 辍:
to stop (before completion)
to cease
to suspend
辍业to give up work
to give up one's profession
辍学to drop out of school
to leave off studying
to interrupt one's studies
辍学率drop-out rate (from schooling)
辍工to stop work
辍朝to suspend business at the imperial court on account of a misfortune
辍止to stop
to leave off
辍演to stop performing a play
to interrupt a stage run
辍笔to stop writing or painting
to leave off writing midway
辍耕to stop plowing
to give up a life in the fields
辍食吐哺to stop eating and spit out