Animated Stroke Order of 输:

stroke order animation of 输

Radical:车     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

shūto transport/to lose

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 输:
to lose
to transport
to donate
输不起cannot bear to lose
poor loser (i.e. sb who gets angry on losing)
cannot afford to lose
输入to import
to input
输入信号input signal
输入信息[Computer] input information
输入功率[Electrics] input power
输入变压器an input transformer
输入口input port
输入法input method
输入港port of import
输入电路[Electrics] input circuit (ic)
输入程序an input programme; an input routine
输入端input end; entry side; input terminus; input terminal; infan; input channel; carry-in terminal
输入系统input system
data entry system
输入设备input device (computer)
输出to export
to output
输出信号outcoming signal; output signal; output singal
输出信息output information
输出功率delivered power; output power; output horsepower; power export; dynamic horsepower; power output; output; delivered horsepower
输出变压器outlet transformator; output transformer; image output transformator