Animated Stroke Order of 辗:

stroke order animation of 辗

Radical:车     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

zhǎnroll over on side/turn half over

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 辗:
roll over on side
turn half over
辗侧不寐to toss and turn in one’s bed
unable to sleep (idiom)
辗轧to roll over
to run over
辗转to toss about in bed
to pass through many hands or places
also written 展轉|展转
辗转不安[Medicine] jactitation
辗转反侧to toss and turn restlessly (in the bed)
辗转流传pass through many hands; spread from place to place
辗转相告to pass from mouth to mouth
辗转相除法algorithm of division; method of successive division; division algorithm
辗过to run over